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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Augusta 70.3

Swim -- 19:31

Augusta 70.3 started off great.  Instead of lining up with all the other athletes I opted to stay to the far right and have clean water to start the swim.  I wanted to avoid all the fighting and wrestling that can go on at the start of pro men's race.  The gun sounded and I took off.  I could see the fastest swimmer in the group Kyle Leto to my left and slowly worked my way towards his feet.  By 400 meters into the swim I was on Kyle's feet and we were off the front.  About 600-700 meters we hit a patch of kelp and Kyle accelerated.  Unfortunately I got a bit tangled up with the kelp and Kyle swam away.  I continued to swim well and exited the water about 30 seconds down on Kyle but about 1:00 ahead of the main contenders.
Bike -- 2:14:18
Leading up to the race I was worried about the bike.  I was riding a borrowed Cervelo P4.  The P4 is a super fast bike but this P4 was a size 51cm and my P3 is a size 54cm.  After making some adjustments and taking it out for a few training spins I thought I was set to go.  All was well for the first 25 miles or so, I was riding strong and sitting in either second or third place (Kyle Leto had gone off the front).  So far this was my beset performance at a competitive 70.3 field.  I was riding with the some of the best athletes and holding my own.  However, about mile 35 my hip flexers and hamstrings began to cramp.  I tried to work them out by spinning and standing but nothing seemed to work.  At mile 40, the group accelerated and I cramped badly.  As my hamstrings cramped, I could not keep the pace and the group rode away.  Coming into T2 I was still in 8th place and had a decent lead over 9th and 10th.  However, getting off the bike I cramped very badly.  My hamstrings were absolutely done.  After about a minute struggle to put my shoes on, I attempted to start the run.    

Run -- DNF

My legs did not cooperate today.  The different bike and angles were too much for hamstrings and hip flexers.  I simply could not run.  Lesson learned, race my bike and my bike only...
Rev3 South Carolina on October 9 is the next key race.