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Crohnic (Crohn's Disease):

In October of 2000, a couple weeks after winning my age group (24 and under) and placing third overall in Los Angeles Triathlon, I became extremely ill. Laying in a hospital bed as doctors and nurses performed more tests than I knew existed, I kept wondering, how could someone so healthy be so sick? I was eventually diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. From that day on I promised myself I would not let the disease get in the way of my goals, but rather use the disease and its symptoms to make me a better person and better athlete. 

Tri Career 2.0 Triathlete (Professional Triathlete):
From 2000 through 2006 I competed as an elite triathlete. However, in 2006, I ruptured two discs in my lower back (L4 and L5) and my triathlon racing career was put on hold until 2009. In September of 2009, I dusted off the wetsuit, bike and running shoes and competed in the Santa Cruz Triathlon. Finishing 2nd in my age group and 4th overall, I decided to make another go at being a professional athlete.

Esq. (Attorney):
In 2006, I graduated from Boalt Hall School of Law (UC Berkeley Law), passed the CA Bar exam, and started work in a large corporate law firm. In my practice, I represent issuers and underwriters in various asset-backed securitizations.

In 2011, I find myself embarking on pro triathlon career 2.0. Working a stressful job and pushing my body to its limits is not the typical lifestyle of a Crohn's patient but with a bit of patience, fortitude and luck, I'll be standing on top of the podium.