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Sunday, March 13, 2011

GETTING FIT (March 7 - March 13)

I have put in some great workouts over the past few weeks and I am beginning to see the results of the hard work.  In addition, I signed up for my first two races of the year:

IM 70.3 California April 2 (Oceanside, California)

IM 70.3 U.S Pro Championships April 10 (Galveston, Texas)

Also, I'm happy to announce that Kiwami has offered to be my racing kit sponsor.  Kiwami produces the fastest suits in triathlon and I can't wait to race in the new kit at IM CA 70.3. 

My Monday Brick turned out really well this week; a relief after I really struggled with it the last two weeks. Coming into Mondays my legs were feeling trashed and I couldn't stick the really tough intervals at the end of the workout. I took Sunday's run easy (following my workout program) and came into Monday ready to put a huge effort in on the brick and make the times, and I did! Not only did completing the workout make me feel good, but it also reinforced that I need to stay on my program and get in quality efforts and easy sessions.

The workout calls for a 60 minute bike ride.  The bike consists of a 20 minute warm up and then 20 x 1 minute hard efforts with 1 minute easy in between. 

A transition run follows the ride.  The run consists of the following 4 sets of intervals:
(1) 5 minutes @ 5:30 pace (1 minute easy) and 3 minutes @ 5:30 pace (1 minute easy)
(2) 5 minutes @ 5:30 pace (1 minute easy) and 3 minutes @ 5:30 pace (1 minute easy)
(3) 5 minutes @ 5:20 pace (1 minute easy) and 3 minutes @ 5:20 pace (1 minute easy)
(4) 5 minutes @ 5:20 pace (1 minute easy) and 3 minutes @ 5:20 pace (1 minute easy)

I killed the workout and even dropped the pace to 5:15 on the last effort.  I'm feeling fit. 
In addition to feeling great on the run, I felt great in the pool too.  Two weeks in a row of great swims.  I'm feeling like a swimmer again.
Saturday's workout was the key workout for the week and completed an excellent week of training. 

73 mile ride with JP, including a 45 minute effort, 30 minute effort and 15 mintue effort; followed by a T-run .

Transition Run with JP

The T-Run started off well.  We went out in 5:35 pace and then threw in a 5:25 pace for the second mile and a bit before easing into 3 minutes at 6:30 running. The next 12 minutes wasn't quite as kind to me -- a coupld of minutes in I started to feel the effects of the first running effort (oh yeah, and that little bike ride we did too!). On a hill when JP put the hurt on me and started to pull away, I tried to surge and hang on, but my heartrate shot up to 178. I knew I needed to bring it down and focus on keeping good quality work for the next 9 minutes.  I slowed my pace from 5:30 to closer to 6:00 minutes, let JP get away, but still hung in there the best I could.  My heart rate lowered to 170 or so, and I was able to regroup and finish off the 12 minute effort with a 5:50 mile.

This was an excellent workout, thanks to JP's company (and he kept me honest!).  To put those efforts in on the bike and the run gave me the confidence that I can go to IM 70.3 CA and put together a good race. Only a few weeks til I get to put all of this training to the test. I'm getting fired up for the start of the season!     

Monday, March 7, 2011

BREAK THROUGH WORKOUT (February 28- March 6)

Over the past few weeks I have begun to see some real improvements in my swim.  My muscles are remembering what is to be a swimmer and with each workout I am getting a little stronger and fitter. 

Thursday was a break though workout in the pool.  A break though workout is a workout that takes your training to another level, it literally breaks through the training plateau you may be on.  It can be anything for anybody, for example, running 1 mile, when you're previous best was a half mile, or running 10 miles at a specific pace, when a few months ago that pace was too tough.  For me, I had a break through workout in the pool.

The set was a tough one:
300, 200, 100, 300, 200, 100 followed by 100, 200, 300, 100, 200, 300. 
The 300's were to be swum at a "brisk pace" and the goal was to swim the 100's all out.  The workout was tough, but at the end of it, I hit all the times the coach was looking for (300s in 3:20 and 100s under 1:05)..  A few weeks ago this workout would have been impossible for me to accomplish, but with 6 weeks of consinstent training, I did it.  I am very pleased to know I am progressing well.  Thanks Dave!  You're making me fit. 

Friday called for a long ride.  I with a couple of friends ventured to the North Carolina Mountains.  Nothing too strenuous, other than nearly FREEZING the first hour.  When we started the ride the outside temperature was 38 degrees (I missed CA at that time).  However, I enjoyed being back out for a long ride.  The mountains and scenery reminded me of some my favorite rides in NorCal and it was great to have some time on the bike to see the beautiful North Carolina mountains. 

After a long week of training, my legs were very tired.  A key aspect of my success this year will be understanding that I am a little older and little more fragile than I was when I was racing in my twenties.  Keeping that in mind, I stayed true to my program and ran 70 minutes easy on Sunday.  My better half joined me, offering excellent pacing and company, and we explored around the neighborhood; I think I may have a found another cafe to go to as well, I'll have to try it to relax after an upcoming long run or ride.